About Fiji 4 Sight

  • Doctors and medical staff donate their time by working 10-12 hour days while in Fiji
  • All services are provided absolutely free of charge
  • 100% of public donations go directly to providing eye care in Fiji
  • With your help, we have helped over 3% of the Fiji population, who did not have access to modern medicine


Fiji 4 Sight is a non-profit organization established for the purpose of providing much needed vision care to the underserved Fijian population. 100% of all public donations directly fund life changing vision care.


The beeve Foundation medial mission to fiji 2014 stats



Fiji 4 Sight is operated by the Beeve Foundation For World Eye & Health, Inc. whose purpose is to provide physical, mental and emotional “health support” to those who otherwise have no access to modern medicine.


Fiji 4 Sight, operated by the Beeve Foundation for World Eye & Health, is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to providing basic eye and health care to the remote island population of Fiji. The Foundation is committed to expanding the education of native Island practitioners through information exchange and experiential training.


The Foundation was the inspiration of Jerold E. Beeve, M.D., FACS, a successful ophthalmologist practicing in Southern California, and his wife Dorothy Beeve, RN. While on a trip to Fiji in 1989, Dr. Beeve was astounded by the high incidence of eye problems afflicting the people of Fiji. Dr. Beeve dedicated himself to relieving the suffering resulting from these medical conditions caused by the sun’s constant glare, combined with inaccessible health care and lack of protection such as sun glasses. Due to these conditions, both children and adults are subject to cataracts frequently causing blindness and total dependency.

On subsequent trips to Fiji, Dr. Beeve returned with a team of medical professionals to provide free eye care, ranging from vision testing to sophisticated surgical procedures. Over the years, the Foundation’s medical work has taken place in the remote and underserved areas of Fiji. Over 3% of the Fijian population has received medical care since the first mission trip in 1991. Dr. Beeve is committed to raising awareness and the Foundation has sought support from personal associates, businesses, and foundations.



Volunteer medical team makes an annual trip to Fiji. After setting up the clinic and operating room with all the specialized microscopes and computers, screening of the patients begins. From the dispensing of sunglasses and prescription glasses, to major sight saving surgical procedures, ALL SERVICES ARE PROVIDED ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE.

Since 1991, during 23 medical mission trips, the Beeve Foundation has provided a total of:

Vision testing for over 27,500 children and adults.
After refraction and examination, over 26,000 pairs of glasses were dispensed.
1,464 Cataract Surgeries with intraocular lens implant.
478 YAG Laser Surgeries.
340 Pterygium Surgeries.
43 Corneal Transplants.
104 Miscellaneous eye surgeries.
38 Strabismus (crossed-eye children).
Instruction and Education Materials to native medical practitioners and Hindi, Muslim, and Christian Church pastors.
2,471 total surgical procedures!

Fijian women after eye surgery

These four women traveled for three days on buses and boats under extremely difficult circumstances to arrive at the our site for treatment.


We are happy to provide you with more information about our foundation. Below are documents regarding our tax filings and articles of incorporation.

Tax Determination Letter – The Beeve Foundation

Beeve Foundation Tax Determination Ltr 501-C3

The Beeve Foundation Article of Incorporation

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