Helping A Loved One from His Childhood


During our last medical mission trip to Fiji in 2014, one of our eye doctors, Dr. Anis Yusuf, coincidentally found his childhood “nanny” in Nadi, Fiji. Dr. Yusuf was five years old and his brother was three at the time that the nanny came into their lives. She remained with the family for 12 years. He remembers her as having a great sense of humor and an immense fondness for him.

After years apart and not knowing who she was when she arrived at Nadi for surgery on her eyes, her identity was established and she immediately asked Dr. Yusuf why his hair was whiter than hers; he is 55 and she is 97! She immediately asked him if he knew how much she loved him.

Dr. Yusuf was able to help his childhood nanny regain her eyesight. Dr. Yusuf said he was so grateful to have been able to help her and so gratefu to be part of the Beeve Foundation to have this amazing experience. As he said, it was full circle for him on a very personal level.

The Beeve Foundation is a non-profit organization established for the purpose of providing much needed vision care to the underserved Fijian population.
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