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The Beeve Foundation’s 25th Mission to Fiji.

2016 Beeve Foundation 25th Anniversary

This year is our 25th eye surgery mission to Fiji! The mission is currently underway at the Nadi Hospital in Nadi, Fiji from August 29th through September 9th, with surgeries starting on September 1st.

We look forward to seeing all the warm smiles of the Fijian people and thank you for all your generous support of this wonderful work.

Below are some pictures from our current medical mission in Fiji.



The Difference We Strive to Make

Real stories of two patients we helped during our medical mission trip to Fiji.


Our Mission

The Beeve Foundation is a non-profit organization established for the purpose of providing much needed vision care to the underserved Fijian population.



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Change the course of someone’s life, and give the gift of sight.


Why Fiji?

Improving thousands of lives where no one else can.


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Our Stories, News, & Highlights

Blind in One Eye, But Still Very Happy

Blind in One Eye, But Still Very Happy

Dan is blind in one eye and considers it a blessing from God. Despite being blind in one eye, he is still is a very happy man.
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Apensia & Being Half Blind

Apensia is a crazy old man with a wonderful sense of humor. In one of our eye care missions to Fiji we were able to give his sight back.
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A Mother’s Prayer

A Mother’s Prayer When Melika’s son Vattu was only a few months old, she realized something was wrong with his eye -very wrong. The doctors at the hospital in Fiji could not do anything about it. Every year his eye got worse, though otherwise he was a healthy, robust boy. Every
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