Why Fiji?

Like where you live, eye sight is extremely important.
  • Children and young adults need to see at school to learn.
  • Mothers need to see to care for their babies and children.
  • Fathers need to see to provide for their families.

But in Fiji, eye care is extremely limited–eye exams, glasses, and 20 minute procedures that can restore eye sight aren’t available. And most families wouldn’t be able to afford them.

Without eye sight, many are labeled as invalid, cast out, and essentially lose their lives.

But with your help, this is changing. Over 3% of the Fijian population has received free medical care from Fiji 4 Sight. And we are just getting started.

Donate and Change a Life


hen the eye cap and dressing were taken off the next day, I couldn’t believe what my eyes saw. Things around me were so clear and colorful! It was BEAUTIFUL! I knew I WAS GIVEN A NEW LIFE.” -Teresa, Fijian

fijian village chief after eye surgery - fiji 4 sight


ye surgery can be done on elderly people or frail people, and it can be a new lease on life for someone, instead of sitting in a corner, not being able to see or cook for themselves or do anything. There are also so many young people who can’t work or go to school… there’s no brail, so when you do cataract surgery on them their life is monumentally changed. That’s the rewarding part about our work. When the patch comes off and they look at you and smile with that beautiful Fijian smile, its really fantastic. It’s a great feeling, and that’s why we do it!” –Kate Sauer, RN, OR, Sydney, Australia


oday I saw a little boy who is 15 years old selling peanuts. I said, “Why aren’t you at school?” He said, “I’m here helping my family. My father has had an accident. He’s lost his eye. So he can’t work.” This 15-year-old boy hasn’t gone to school for three years so that he could sell peanuts to feed the family. Thousands of people here in Fiji would never have the opportunity to see again. Here if you can’t see your life is nothing. It’s really the end. That’s where Fiji 4 Sight comes in to help people see again.” –David Robinson, Optometrist, Christchurch, New Zealand


You Can Give Someone a New Life.

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